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Lady May Lyrics – Tyler Childers Lady May Song Lyrics (1)

Tyler Childers sings the Lady May Lyrics, a beautiful composition by Tyler Childers. On August 4, 2017, the long-awaited Lady May song was released. Such great songs make us feel happier and more crazed. You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn Lady May’s lyrics. Here you may find the complete Lady May lyrics, as well as information about the cast and crew of Lady May.

Lady May Song Lyrics Details
Singer: Tyler Childers
Written By: Tyler Childers
Release Date: August 4, 2017

Lady May Lyrics

I’m a stone’s throw from the mill
And I’m a good walk to the river
When my workin’ day is over
We’ll go swim our cares away
Put your toes down in the water
And a smile across your face
And tell me that you love me
Lovely Lady May

Now I ain’t the sharpest chisel
That your hands have ever held
But darlin’ I could love you well
Til’ the roll is called on high
I’ve seen my share of trouble
And I’ve held my weight in shame
But I’m baptized in your name
Lovely Lady May

Lord the wind can leave you shiverin’
As it waltzes o’er the leaves
It’s been rushin’ through my timber
Til’ your love brought on the spring
Now the mountains all are blushin’
And they don’t know what to say
‘Cept a good long line of praises
For my lovely Lady May

Now I ain’t the toughest hickory
That your ax has ever fell
But I’m a hickory just as well
I’m a hickory all the same
I came crashin’ through the forest
As you cut my roots away
And I fell a good long ways
For my lovely Lady May

Written By:
Tyler Childers

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Lady May Lyrics – FAQs

When was the song “Lady May” released?
On August 4, 2017, The Lady May Song was released.

Who are the Lady May Song lyricists?
Tyler Childers wrote the lyrics for Lady May Song.

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