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Marshall Sehgal ft. Afsana Khan’s Jhumka Lyrics Hindi/English is a new Punjabi song with music by Gaurav dev and Kartik dev. Though Marshall Sehgal wrote the lyrics for Jhumka, featuring artists Guneet Virdi and Marshall Sehgal, and the video was released by Ziiki Media.

Jhumka Song Details:
Song: Jhumka
Singer: Marshall Sehgal, Afsana Khan
Lyricist: Marshall Sehgal
Musician: Gaurav Dev, Kartik Dev
Cast: Guneet Virdi, Marshall Sehgal
Label: Ziiki Medi

Jhumka Lyrics

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Marshall Sehgal

Official Video Of | Jhumka 

Jhumka Song – Frequently Asked Questions

Who sang the song “Jhumka”?
“Marshall Sehgal, Afsana Khan” sings the song “Jhumka.”

Who wrote the song “Jhumka”?
“Marshall Sehgal,” wrote the lyrics for the song “Jhumka.”

Which actor/actress is featured in the song “Jhumka”?
“Guneet Virdi, Marshall Sehgal” star in the lead role in the song “Jhumka.”

Which record label released the song “Jhumka”?
The song “Jhumka” was released under the Ziiki Media label.

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